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Steel Company Acesco S.A. and Shipping Company Granelco S.A. conduct a trial shipment to carry steel via the Magdalena River on the MV MANAURE to Acesco’s installations upriver at Pimsa industrial park.

Due to the company’s growing steel demand, members of the Acesco Group found Navesco S.A. and take into time charter an 8.000 dwt barge towed by a high-potency tug.

As Navesco’s client base grows the barge is replaced for a Volga type vessel — MV RABROS.



Navesco buys all of Granelco’s shares from the Flota Mercante Grancolombiana. The merger of both companies under the Navesco name results in a highly diversified company operating 6 vessels.



Navesco begins operating the MV PAZ COLOMBIA, a, 7.800 dwt vessel owned by Harren & Partner and custom-built to clear a bridge restriction downriver from Pimsa. This is the largest vessel ever to clear the bridge and sail upriver.



The first two new-buildings are received by the Company: MV PENSILVANIA and MV MACONDO, both 7.800 dwt and built at Bodewes Shipyards in Groningen, Holland.



Navesco makes its first non-shipping investment by acquiring a steel company in the Domincian Republic, which today is known as Kinnox.



Navesco purchases and begins operating the mini 3.800 dwt MV PERA. This vessel is later sold to fellow ship-owners Blue Marlin.



The third new-building, MV SALAMINA 1, is launched at Astilleros de Murueta in Bilbao, Spain.

2011 - 2012


MV MANIZALES and MV MURUETA are also launched by Astilleros de Murueta in Bilbao, Spain. These are the final two 7.800 dwt new-buildings received by Navesco until the present.



Navesco partners with italian Nova Marine Carriers in the building of four 14.720 dwt vessels that are delivered within the following years.



Navesco and Nova Marine Carriers (now NASC) join together in a Shipping Pool that today contains twelve vessels that range between 12.500 - 14.700 dwt.

Our Clients

We are focused on providing our clients with high quality and reliable service.
We serve companies from various industries and countries.
  • Acesco
  • Arcelor
  • Argos
  • Cargill
  • Cemex
  • Disagro
  • Imi
  • Gerdau
  • Edyman
  • Monomeros
  • Mosaic
  • Nucor
  • Lloist
  • Isaosa
  • Metalco
  • Nutrien
  • Oxbon
  • Nitron
  • Riceland
  • Somex
  • Tenaris
  • Ternium
  • Usiminas
  • Yara
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